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Today begins the first day of the Advocare 24 Day Cleanse that Billy and I will be partaking in!  But first, I’d like to say to all of my friends back in New York…

Congrats to the Giants!!!  While I’m a devoted New York Jets fan, I have no complaints when Tom Brady and the Patriots lose the Superbowl!!  I hope all of you enjoyed the Superbowl, whether it was to watch football, the commercials, see Madonna lip-synch during the halftime show, or just to have an excuse to eat delicious food!  Billy and I made pepperoni crescent rolls for our friends’ Superbowl party, and they were yummy!  If you’d like the recipe to try it for yourself, let me know…

Ok, so back to the whole reason why I started this blog in the first place — to keep a detailed account of my journey on the 24-day challenge!  The first step on the 24 day challenge is the 10-day herbal cleanse, which helps the body absorb nutrients better, as well as to rid the body of toxins.  For 10 days, we will be adding to our body different supplements and herbal drinks in order to get our bodies ready for the second step of the challenge! Billy and I took measurements and weigh-ins last night, so we definitely know where we stand now, and where we want to be 24 days from now.  Maybe I will share those numbers with you after all is said and done!

Day 1 is by far the hardest day on the 24-day challenge.  While we are supposed to eat 5 meals throughout the day with a balance of protein, vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates, on the first day we are ONLY to eat fruits and vegetables for meals 2-5.  For anyone who knows me, I am not the biggest fruit fan.  However, I am truly determined to see results on this challenge and to feel healthier (considering the last week of sickness), so with that comes branching out of my comfort zone!  That also means NO coffee, NO soda, NO alcohol, NO, sugar, and NO dairy for at least 10 days… I used to LIVE on diet coke!!!

A few of the products for the 24 day cleanse

Now that the day is done, I can definitely agree with others that Day 1 is the hardest on the cleanse.  Here’s a little summary of what my day consisted of:

Morning:  Started with the Fiber 10 drink (definitely not my favorite) and spark (a sugar-free energy drink — not bad!).  Breakfast was a Vanilla meal replacement shake that I definitely enjoyed.  Towards the end of the morning, I had an apple along with a cup of chamomile tea.

Afternoon:  Lunch was a failure, but that was all my doing.  Note to self:  lettuce + cucumbers + green beans + too much balsamic vinegar + all purpose salt = disgusting salad!  I’m sure that tomorrow will be a much better lunch, though!  My mid-afternoon snack consisted of an apple, and dinner consisted of an entire bag of broccoli.

I’m sure that I likely didn’t eat enough today, but I never thought how difficult it could be to eat ONLY fruits and vegetables!!  In addition, with all the water I drank (over a gallon!!) and all the supplements I had to take, it was difficult to keep an appetite!

Tomorrow will be a better day I’m sure, since I get protein and “good” carbohydrates back!!!  Plus, I think tomorrow I’ll feel good enough to go to the gym, which always makes me feel better!

Goodnight, blog world!!  See you tomorrow!



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