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Day 2

Today is my second day of the 24-day challenge, and one day closer to being done with the first step of the challenge: the 10 day cleanse!  The best part of today:  I get to incorporate low-hypoglycemic carbohydrates and proteins back into my food intake!

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and energized!  One thing I wasn’t expecting, however, was how much I would sweat during the night!  I guess my Advocare coach wasn’t kidding when she said the herbal cleanse supplements would possibly make me warmer at night!  I woke up at around 8am and immediately had my spark and fiber drink.  It is DEFINITELY more bearable to drink the fiber concoction when you chug it down!  One of my friends warned me that, if you leave it sitting out, it turns into an applesauce-like form — I’ll make sure to avoid that!  Had my Berry meal replacement shake for breakfast, which tasted like a strawberry milkshake!  I can get used to that.

Because I missed the 9:30 Zumba class, I decided to do my wii zumba game instead of going to the gym.  Zumba is SO much fun!  What a great way to work out and have fun at the same time.  Today was the first time I did the intermediate level for 45 minutes, and worked up a sweat!  I couldn’t believe how much I had sweat in only 45 minutes!  Got to use my zumba shoes for the first time, too!  For my morning snack, I drank my protein shake and had two slices of cantaloupe.


I wish I could say my afternoon was as pleasant as my morning, but unfortunately I developed another one of my lovely migraines.  This is the 4th migraine that I’ve had since December 28th, and I’m not all too pleased about it.  I was just on the way out to Trader Joe’s to pick up some sugar free BBQ sauce for dinner tonight when I began to see “spots” in my left eye.  I have learned from my doctor that the “spots” I get in my line of vision is called an “aura”, and precedes migraines in 15% of people who get them.  Luckily, my doctor prescribed me migraine medication just a week ago (fortunately the day before my health insurance ran out), so I was able to take the medicine before my migraine got even worse.  Usually, I drink some sort of caffeine to help lessen the intensity of the migraines; however, on the 24-day challenge diet coke and coffee are out!  Instead, I drank another spark to see if that would have the same effect.  Luckily, it did!  My migraine turned into a nasty headache instead, so at least I can see and am not nauseous anymore.  What an afternoon!

Lunch today was VERY enjoyable and will likely be a staple lunch during the cleanse.  I had 3 oz. turkey breast with lettuce, celery, and some red wine vinegar on top.  Definitely a better choice than yesterday!  I’m anticipating my afternoon snack will consist of 1/8 cup of pumpkin seeds (my healthy fat for the day) and some more cantaloupe.

Lastly, dinner will likely consist of 3 oz. chicken marinated in sugar-free bbq sauce, 1/4 cup of brown rice, and some steamed veggies!  Looking forward to having some carbs tonight!

Since my headache is throbbing, I’m going to sign off for the rest of the day.  Hope you all have a great evening and feel better than I do right now!


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