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Today, Billy (my boyfriend) and I were blessed with some very good luck!!  Well, it didn’t start that way actually…


Today was the third day that Billy stayed home with me as I continued to fight off my stomach virus.  While the doctor deemed me “very contagious”, Billy was fortunate enough not to exhibit the same symptoms as I had (for your sake, I will not mention those symptoms here).  As we were both eating our breakfast, I got a phone call from our storage unit in Sacramento, informing us that the lock on our storage space was broken into, along with 16 other units.  We immediately got into Billy’s car and took the hour and fifteen minute drive up to Sacramento, praying all the furniture, backpacking equipment, and loads of other valuables were kept untouched!

When we arrived at Extra Space Storage, it was obvious that there had been a break-in.  The iron-clad gate was broken, as a car during the night had gone straight through it (part of the car was left behind, so at least the gate didn’t face all of the injury).  Billy was pacing, worried his expensive backpacking equipment was long gone.  Once we took the elevator up to our unit and lifted the door, it was clear the burglars felt our unit was “too much work” and left our storage space unscathed!  Talk about a close call!  I do feel terrible for the other 16 units — hopefully some of them ran into the same situation as we did!



As a handsome reward for our surprisingly wonderful news, we stopped at Icing on the Cupcake and Mr. Pickles for lunch!  Of course, I won’t be able to eat the cupcakes until my stomach finally settles, and my sandwich consisted of bread and a plain piece of chicken… Oh how I can’t wait to eat normally again!

I wish my life were more exciting and interesting, but while I’m still at home nursing my sensitive stomach I guess this will have to do!  Hope you all are blessed with good luck and fortune like we were today!  Happy Thursday all!