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Darn those pesky germs!

Guess what?!  Yup, I’m still sick.  Except this time, unlike the past three days, it’s not my stomach that’s the culprit!  We can chalk up the additional day of confinement to my undeniably sore throat and congested nose 😦  Today will consist of chicken soup (homemade by Billy’s talented mother), tea, and….

That’s right!  Since I’ve been sick I’ve watched the first season and a half of this addictive television show, and there looks to be no end in sight [thank you instant netflix] 🙂  At least while I’m sick I can enjoy watching some drama-full entertainment!

Hope you all have a great Superbowl weekend (Go GIANTS! BOOOOO Patriots!), and I’ll be back on Monday to share my first day of the 24-day Advocare challenge with all of you!  Until then, I will deliciously enjoy eating any and all sweets I can get my hands on!